We are Rachel and Daniel, the British couple behind the blog Travelling Writers. For the last six years, we have travelled the world together, and have been sharing our stories and photography for the last year.

Rachel has a PhD in Creative Writing, and finds that the only thing more enjoyable than travelling is having the opportunity to write about her adventures. Daniel is a budding travel photographer with a passion for food and exploration.

We began our travels as joint au pairs with a wonderful family in France, where we learnt to spend every moment in each other’s pockets. From here we travelled Europe by interrail, before moving onto travelling further afield: Malaysia, China, and Thailand, to name a few.

We blog about our adventures, experiences, and tips for travel that we have gathered along the way. Our blog is designed to inform and assist others in their travels, as well as providing us with a platform to reminisce about our favourite journeys.

We got married in June, 2019, and we are leaving for an epic year (+) long honeymoon in October. Stick around to see Asia, New Zealand and more!