Gingerbread City (Photo Diary)

We went to the wonderful Gingerbread City at the V&A – can’t attend this Christmas? Here is a photo diary to make you peckish for gingerbread and put you in the seasonal spirit.

Top Ten Things To Do in Vilnius, Lithuania

This was a post I found myself searching for before our trip to Vilnius, Lithuania. Now that we have been and come back – it seems only right to share our top ten tips with you! 1: Learn the history. The KGB museum should be your first stop. Warning: this is not an easy visit….

How to Experience your Hometown like a Traveller

Saving from one base isn’t easy for a traveller – but it’s necessary when you stick to the old motto ‘Work-Save-Travel’. So, how can you make it easier? Experience your hometown like a traveller. You might have lived in your city since you were born, but we bet there are places that you haven’t yet…

Locations Guaranteed to give you a White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Well, we’ve certainly had that dream before. So, we’ve rounded up a short list of places you can visit this Christmas to give you that official winter vibe – get those thermals from storage, and pop on the kettle. The Budget: Look no further than Lithuania….

100 Mile Bike Ride Challenge

Daniel and I are not cyclists. Yes, we love cycling, but we are certainly not the lycra clad road bike owners you might see on a 100 mile bike ride. However, we have signed up to take part in the Velo Birmingham & Midlands bike ride on the 12th May 2019. That means a lot…

Dining in the Dark – What They Don’t Tell You

Having been on the Dining in the Dark experience twice (once in Kuala Lumpur, and once in Berlin), you could call me a fan – after all, I ventured down that dark staircase twice. Here’s what to expect, if you’re planning a visit! It’s Dark: Well yeah, obviously. But, we’re not talking the darkness at…

5 Simple Luggage Swaps That Will Save You Money

We love having meals out, drinking coffee in beautiful coffee shops the world over (see our post here on Our Favourite Coffee Shops (Worldwide List!) However, that is not how money is best spent while travelling. So, we make allowances, and today we are going to share these with you! Here are five simple luggage…

The Budget Traveller’s Resource List

Travelling on a budget can be made easier with a few simple resources, so we have collected a few together to make your travel plans accessible! These are websites that we use ourselves, and are not adverts. – finding the cheapest flights is easy with this website, you can search for the cheapest month,…

A Snapshot of Berlin

When to Visit: Is there a bad time? No, not really. Berlin an exciting city full of great things to do – the season will only change your ability to some of those things a little. If you visit during the warmer months, you can cycle through the gorgeous Tiergarten and enjoy the amazing colours….

How to Afford a Holiday When You’re Saving for Travel

As you know (if you’ve been following our blog and Instagram page) we are currently in saving mode. The problem with us is, we are big dreamers. I mean big dreamers. We would spend our whole week talking and fantasising about our travel plans if we could, and so, we find saving and working quite…